Hand of Hope Rental Service
(Hong Kong Pilot Scheme)

The Hand of Hope is an innovative therapeutic device that may help patients regain hand mobility through motor relearning, the patient self-initiates movement through voluntary EMG signals that indicate an intention to move.

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1st sEMG-Driven Hand Robot Exoskeleton

Use from Stage 1 of Recovery

Hand and Arm Training

Active and Passive Modes

How the Hand of Hope works

Hand of Hope os wore on the impaired hand and two piexes of sEMG sensors are attached on extensor muscle and flexor muscle respectively. Robotic hand is driven by patient's desire which is interpreted as sEMG signal.

1. Intention to move

2. Detects the intention to move

3. Processes the motion signal

4. Performing the movement

5. Gathers positive feedback

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Hand of Hope is used to facilitate

HOH Rental Services

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Benefit of renting HOH

Patient's Story

Lee Ming Yip, Disabled table tennis player

I suddenly fainted with playing basketball at school when I was 15 years old. My ability to move was severely affected after confirmed by hospital to have hemorrhagic stroke due to brain congenital malformations of vascular burst. I was forced to stop beloved table tennis for the sake of re-learning how to stand and train up my immoveable left hand.

After 4 years of stroke, I started to use "Hands of Hope" to perform rehabilitation therapy for my left hand at home. After several years of rehabilitation, I was able to represent the Hong Kong team to attend the National Games for the Disabled in Sichuan Chengdu last year and I was awarded Men’s Table Tennis Singles Silver.

At present the left hand has resumed general ability to move, I hope to get tickets for the Paralympic Games this year and can be as normal people to coordinate left and right hand for the serve!


Grand Prix Award in International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva

Hong Kong Awards for Industries

“SCMP” The Spirit of Hong Kong Awards

A screening assessment should be needed in order to understand the patients’ suitability to use the “Hand of Hope ” system, physiotherapist/ occupational therapist will perform the assessment and screening test.

If you have any questions or to inquire, please call or WhatsApp the hotline at 9696 4832.

Please beware that this is only for Hong Kong meanwhile.

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