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Thank you for your interest in using Hand of Hope.

Hand of Hope is a therapy device used for neuromuscular rehabilitation of the hand and forearm after Stroke.

Hand of Hope functions as a biofeedback device where surface Electromyography Sensors depict patient’s intention and voluntary muscle activation initiated by the brain. As an active and assistive therapy device, it processes the signals and delivers them to hand brace. The hand brace understands depicted signals from voluntary muscle activation and help to execute the function of hand opening or closing when exercising with Hand of Hope.

Hand of Hope has Passive and Active training modes for hand opening and closing. Five different games with four difficulty levels help patient make rehabilitation process more challenging to speed up recovery, while providing an interesting and fun environment with audio and visual stimulation. Thanks to forearm support the therapist can use Hand of Hope for the whole arm recovery on different stages of rehabilitation. Also therapist can easily extract the report about patient’s performance in PDF or Excel file.

Hand of Hope is an innovative therapy device, providing active and assistive treatment via EMG signals and hand brace to help patient improve hand and forearm functions after brain injury or stroke.

Learn more about Hand of Hope at rehab-robotics.com or order trial now.

A screening assessment using EMG visualizer is needed in order to evaluate the suitability of patients for using the Hand of Hope system. The screening assessment fee (including the EMG Visualizer) is HKD 1,000 (non-refundable).

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Please note this offer is only for Hong Kong at the moment.

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